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    Every weekend in the Nordic region there are at least one dogshow. This means that at least one time per week I collect data from all Nordic Kennel Clubs and add the results to my database. Wishfully it would be done automated, but this is not the case. Every new dog in a show ring gets entered into my database, taking account breeder, gender, champion status and living country.

    To date, I’ve filed and processed 140,320 entries, making 8,299 results from 1,370 shows, listing 2,385 dogs from 22 nations.

    By making a donation, you help me keeping this site running.

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Agneta Wihlborg, Andreas Ridderström & Fanny Waginder (Zeloqi's), Anna Bredin, AsaBjorkman, Birgitta Winterstam Softpowers, Caliberstaff, Camilla Sanner (Norwegian-Diamond), Cannstaff, Carina Sjögren (Quite Special), Catrine Arntzen, Cecilie Johansen (CK Staff's), David Hermansson (Mantronik Staffords), Fanny Waginder & Andreas Ridderström (Zeloqi's), Fanytastisk, Fredrik Strehlin, Fridamider, Helle Møller (Nonostaff), Jennifer Bengtsson, Jennifer Vindahl (Little Legends), Jette Charlotte Ibsen, Jim Arle, Jim Arle, Jonas Johansson (Te Ora Magic), Katarina & Jörgen Lillieholm (Secret Star), Little Legends, LotteAndersson, Malin Ask (Rascalstaff), Malin Ask (Rascalstaff), Malin Karlsson, MalinK, Meliza Timocin, Mia & Mattias Silverglantz (Dayennes), Mikaela Jansson (Felloak's), Nina Dahlberg (Rochamgo's), Patrik Lundgren & Helena Leibel (Labelstaff), Petra Mets (Cometstaff), Petra Mets, Rosemary Åsberg (Kronsäter's), Rosemary Åsberg, Sandra Holme (Goldstaff's), Silje Stakston (Stakston's), Tazmilas, Therese Børseth, Therese, Tina Fjellås, Tinafjellaas, Tuire Okkola, Ubbie Östman (Emmerdale's), Vegard Øien (Miraristaff), Wowstaff, idajarvenpaa, kathar, lonesomerider, Åsa Björkman (Momentstaff), Åsa Monthan Björkman (Momentstaff)

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